Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sterling silver... At last.

Sterling silver tube, wire and claw ring setting. We had to 'draw' the wire for the round ring, use the rolling machine for the square band, and will eventually set a stone into what I'll call my poor mans engagement ring.

The small pieces of tube will eventually be stud earrings.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Soldering exercise.

Working on designs for my final soldering project. We've yet to start the basics, but I think I can safely say I have taught myself that anyway. Exciting!

Saturday, 23 March 2013


Loving this colour.

Not quite to vibrant when dry but its still really eye catching.

The finish is nice. Masking the areas and applying the paint with sponge is working well.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Cancers inspiration

April brings the 2nd anniversary of my first major operation, and also my next 6 month check up. Rather than scare myself half to death about the possibilities of scan results, I've started a new art project. I'm trying to turn what many might find to be absolutely gross into something less gross, or maybe even quite beautiful (I know art is subjective).

I've not been fortunate enough to hear the words "clear margins", so I'm still on edge even though they're hopeful that it may not come back. Its hard to imagine life without cancer now, and I say that in a positive way. As hard as it can sometimes be, it has made me so much stronger.

The originl image is pretty gruesome, more so than some can probably handle.
Opening it in photoshop, cropping and changing orientation was the first step

The next step was to apply a few filters. 'Cut out' seemed appropriate, so i used that to achieve this effect. I then changed the hue and saturation to something less skin coloured. Blue/grey as show.

I started with the black/grey on the right, but I decided to re-edit the photoshop file and give it some colour and attempted to match it as well as I could on the canvas. The paint finish is rough, and when scaling it up again, I'll need to rethink my application technique. It just isn't sharp enough, and the paint is uneven. I'm thinking of using a sponge roller and masking tape for the final piece. I want print quality. I'm actually really excited to see this come together on a massive scale. Its going to be epic!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Paintings New and Old.


The Chrysler's abstract form.

New York Skyline. Fuchsia and orange glow.

Inspired by Jessie Ware's song 'Taking In Water', and sharing the same title. A rather crude translation of the lyrics 'A piece of gold at the bottom of the blue'. I've been complimented on this for its 'Monet like' flow. I love it but have yet to photograph the whole piece and manage to do it justice. Best seen with the naked eye.